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About Us: Our Vision

Since 1979, we've provided unparalled creative services and solutions to sales, marketing, design, production and advertising professionals worldwide; Some of the smallest and largest clients on the planet.

We've never missed a critical deadline, we've never left a client empty handed and we're certainly not going to start with you after all these years.

I founded this company when I was only 19 years old and since that day on January 2, 1979, I've lost a lot a sleep and have worked more all-nighters than I care to count; just to make sure we never missed our mark and never let our clients down.

The people who work here are good honest people who love their work and our clients just as much as I do. Click on the video testimonial below and watch a few others to hear what our clients say; Starling Productions is the right choice for your business too.

Thanks for considering us! Robert Starling

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Hiring Starling Productions has always been the right choice